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Marlo is currently hard at work on her next book: WRESTLING WITH WONDER, A TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY THROUGH THE LIFE OF MARY. It’s in the editing phase now and is schedule for release with Zondervan Publishers in September 2014.

Here’s a bit about it:
What if God is more passionate, more wild, and more wondrous that you ever believed Him to be? What if he is calling you deeper than your dreams? What if He’s calling you to the foot of the cross?
Come, walk with Mary, Jesus’ mother, on a journey of God’s favor. Discover your own journey in hers. Come, as we turn the “camera angle” outward to focus not on Mary’s attributes, character, or personal qualities, but instead on the character and qualities of the God who burst into her life and changed everything. Come, as we ask not “Who is Mary?” but rather “Who is this amazing, incredible, perplexing God?” who reveals himself in new and startling ways through her journey.

Through this transformational, contemplative study of the life of Mary, you are invited to see God’s purpose, discover how he works in the lives of those he calls “highly favored,” and encounter Him in deeper and more relevant ways. You are invited to be confronted, changed, by this love that is not based on happiness but on God’s commitment to making you into the person he created you to be.

So, come, discover the unexpected Christ. Wrestle with wonder. And find him where you never expected him to be. Find him on the wild journey from an angel’s unexpected arrival to beyond an empty tomb. Find him, and be transformed . . .

While you’re waiting for news about her next book release date, be sure to visit her Facebook page, where she regularly posts insights, tips, and encouragement for deeper living with a vivid God.

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