Dear Wonder-Seekers,

Pause for a moment and remember back to when you were a kid. Do you remember running through the sprinklers, arms outstretched? Blowing bubbles that caught every shade of light? Catching your breath at the sight of a dragonfly? Do you remember the laughter, the joy … the WONDER? Now glance around you. Has your life turned out just as you expected it to be?

If you answered yes, you’re in the wrong place. But if, like so many of us, your life hasn’t turned out just as you dreamed it, well then, you’ve found a place to call home. For thirsty souls yearning for a VIVID God, for the hurting, the disillusioned, the struggling, the weak, and those longing for more of God, COME, journey with me into WONDER . . . You’re welcome here.

You’ll find threads of faith and wonder in all of my books, but none more than my upcoming release WRESTLING WITH WONDER, A Transformational Journey through the Life of Mary (Zondervan Publishers, Sept 2014). You’ve never seen Mary, or her God, like this! Come, join Mary, Jesus’ mother, on a journey of discovery. Hear the angel’s call, walk the long road to Bethlehem, give birth in a barn, search for a lost son, kneel at the foot of a cross, and experience the wind of the Spirit. Come, walk with Mary, and find your own journey in hers.

If you’re looking for more hope and encouragement, please join me on on my Facebook Reader Page (or follow me on Twitter) where we’ll be talking about finding the wonder of God in everyday life. The discussions can be lively, so I hope you’ll come take a look! You can also visit my infertility helps page, where you can find tips for surviving the infertility journey, advice for helping others through the journey, and other resources. I’ve also added audio interviews about my books that I hope you’ll find encouraging.

While you’re here, I hope you’ll also visit my Speaking page. I’ve included information about my speaking topics there, and I’d love to talk with you if you’re looking for a speaker for your next women’s event, writing retreat, or book club meeting.

If you’re here to buy or get more information about my books, please visit the books page. There you can read sample chapters, find helpful resources, and buy books via a handy pop-up box linking to various online bookstores.

You can also drop me an e-mail and say hello, stop by my blog to read about my latest thoughts on living in God’s wonder (and let me know what YOU think!), or sign up for my newsletter by clicking the Sign Me Up button on the right so we can stay in contact. I love hearing from my readers!

Until then, may God bless you with peaceful hours of good reading, friends with whom you can share stories, and the wonder of knowing God loves you more than you’ve ever dreamed!

Serving a Vivid God,

Marlo Schalesky

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